Earth Magic Life Celebration

by Ashan

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"Motions ayeward. Acknowledging fear, yet striving towards positivity full force."


released November 6, 2014

Art and music by Sean Conrad. Additional vocals on all songs with words by Rosa Beach-Mason. Additional vocals on FRW by Mose Wintner and Kyan Taylor. Extra props to Kyan for helping me with mixing some of these songs. MUCH LOVE TO ALL.

Released in November 2014 by Inner Islands as II033 on cassette and art book formats. The cassettes are sold out. The art books are available from the link above.



all rights reserved


Ashan Oakland, California

Sounds of home

Sharing love

Celebrating the visions from nowhere

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Track Name: Redwood Heart Song
From the heart
Breath will come
Through love
All is one

Rivers flow
From the source
We as drops
Go our course

When dark falls
It knows light
While day lives
It waits for night

Circles of life
Holding hands
When trees breathe
I can too
Track Name: Strength in Intention
Manifest in letting go
Strive for being whole
Surrender to yourself
To speak in words of love

Take time to be clear
Make space to feel your fear
Surrender through and through
To speak in words of truth

Strength in intention

Joy in opening

Sight in attention

Peace in acceptance
Track Name: Mystery Revealing Mystery
Mystery revealing
Mystery revealed

Mystery revealing
Mystery concealed
Track Name: A Life Alight
The earth is alive
I listen to the stone
I talk to the trees
I feel the waterfall
Down my spine

The soul is alive
It is energy
On all planes
The fire of divinity
Is an ecstatic glow

The heart is alive
It tells all truths
Map to the center
The gentle love
That makes life grin
Track Name: Fresh Rain Wizims
Loving light will guide me
All the way there I know
I know my heart will never be
Another thing I never Know

Oh how my life grows
From the love
And the care
Oh how my joy grows
From the light
And the warmth
Oh how my strength grows
From the breath
And the bloom

Given and received
For the benefit of all